HR Services

We’ve enjoyed a special relationship over the years with many Fortune 500 companies, large retailers and restaurants offering services that cater specifically to their needs.


We know how much it costs to find the right talent, so having the best tools for the job is essential.

  • job fair tools and promotional items
  • pop-up banners
  • brochures and handouts
  • interview scripts and checklists
  • welcome packet


Once you’ve got ’em, make sure you keep ’em. Those first few days or weeks are worth thousands of dollars. The right Onboarding program makes a huge difference to your turnover.

  • orientation
  • culture
  • handbook
  • success path
  • plant and store tours


We can help with content development and design training materials that help your employees engage at every level to reduce turnover, increase retention and build loyalty.

  • soft skills/sales
  • customer service
  • teamwork
  • role/task-specific training
  • cashier/stock/manager training
  • train the trainer

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