Throwback Thursday! Highlight on past client: BuckID!
Hansen worked with BuckID for 16 years establishing their brand, coordinating student/vendor relationships, and creating the iconic student IDs for OSU students. At the time, OSU had a very limited number of outside agencies it was willing to work with, and we were honored to be one of said agencies. Hansen’s work was mass produced at OSU and redefined how the school branded itself, and OSU even used the BuckID projects Hansen produced for them and brought them to conferences showing other schools the ways in which they were expanding their marketing.
The projects used entirely original photography, including a shoot that featured former Hansen employee Dave Warnock, who is also the father of founding member Connie Hansen.
It was truly rewarding to step onto OSU’s campus and see Hansen work posted everywhere one could see. Having found some of his first design work with OSU, Niels Hansen found it an immense honor to give back to his alma mater on such high-profile projects.
“Hansen has a deep understanding of our brand, and they have developed a comprehensive marketing approach that helps us reach our key objectives. They are a highly creative and professional team.”-David Anthony, Director of BuckID
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