Our Philosophy

Life is too short to work with mean people.

With Hansen, you get agency-level work without the hassle. Having twenty years in the business means that we’ve already made the mistakes that young shops will make, and we’ve learned from them. We’re funny, professional, intelligent and creative. Anyone can get a logo for next to nothing. Anyone can make their own website. But if you don’t care enough to have your branding done by professionals, no one else will care, either. We know the impact we can have on a business if we’re allowed to influence the strategy. It’s because of this that what we do for you matters, and we take tremendous pride in setting our clients on the path to success.

Hansen Creative Services Home Office

Why Groveport?

We work out of a large, Arts & Crafts-style house in the village of Groveport. It’s quiet, friendly, and the parking is free! We bring our dogs to work and are surrounded by nature. And because we’re not paying rent in the Arena District, you won’t be charged Arena District rates.

Hansen Creative Services

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