Lawson Family Chiropractic Center Website


I highly recommend Hansen Creative Services for your marketing needs. It is a small agency so you get to know them personally along with their incredible talents. To start the process for a new business website, two people from their company came to my office to get the feel and style of my office and to ask me personally what I wanted the site to do. Those two same people were the two that created and built my website. Before the launch, they came back to my office to train me how to operate the site until I felt comfortable to handle it on my own. Now I am more than proud to direct patients to our NEW and AMAZING website. Thank you Hansen Creative Services for going beyond my expectations.
Bethaney Lawson, D.C.

Owner, Lawson Family Chiropractic Center

Project Details

Client: Lawson Family Chiropractic Center
Services: Website design

Lawson Family Chiropractic Center Website

Project Description

When we met with Bethaney about the branding for Lawson Family Chiropractic Center, we visited her office. She decorated the space herself, allowing her taste in colors to enhance the atmosphere of her practice. We looked over the communications materials that she had on hand and suggested that she bring her colors and circles into her identity. The circles are meaningful to her because they suggest, not only the critical areas of the spine, but also her goals as a chiropractic doctor to treat the whole person. These circles and colors are reflected in her web and mobile sites, adding a sense of playfulness as well as serenity.

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