We’ve been doing it for a couple of decades now. Always in secret. The content never shows up in our portfolios or presentations. Nothing is ever shown to potential clients. We have non-disclosure forms. Shredded documents. Encryption. Passwords. Retinal scans. Not really. I just made that last part up. But, it’s very secretive, what we do.

Corporate training materials.

I know. I can hear your eyes rolling. But stay with me for second. If you think about it, corporate training is the lifeblood of any retail entity. Sure, you might have said, “Money,” but the only way to make money is by making sure every person in your organization knows what the hell they’re doing. And the manner in which companies do this is extremely proprietary. Yes, some best practices are benchmarked, but 90% of the training is means-tested within each organization and developed by highly-trained and well-paid experts.

That doesn’t mean that it’s then ready for deployment. That’s where we come in. We help our clients massage, shape and lovingly package the information into an easily digestible format which communicates clearly–both visually and verbally–the exercises and training scope, all within tight budgets and even tighter deadlines.

We’re very good at what we do. Just don’t tell anyone.

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