You tell me that it’s evolution

So why did we update a perfectly good website? Well, for one thing, it was not “perfectly good.”
It had that adorable shot of the three of us from 1998. And the glaring misspelling of Kate Beckinsale’s name in my bio.

In fact, if I were to compare our old site to anything, it would be this.
Scary Monkey Photo

Now if any of you are highly evolved, you already read “The Bloggess” and may recognize the rotting ape decoration swipe as an homage to “Copernicus, The Homicidal Monkey,” quite possibly the most perfect blog post. Ever. Put on your silly cap and read it here:

What I’m writing is NOT the most perfect blog post ever. But it is the best opportunity I have to talk about the new site and how it sucks so much less than the old site.

For one thing, it has functioning code from this century–always a plus.

It has fancy dots in the background that go with our brand.

Spicy swear words are scattered throughout to amuse the third-grader in you.

The photos of us are NOT fourteen-years-old.

You can see the evolution of our brand and that of many of our clients.

The site has slick portfolio galleries and direct links to our clients’ sites so you can see what we’ve done for them.

We’ve uploaded a video of a baby sloth.

Enjoy and thank you.

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