Karen Warnock, Connie Hansen’s mom, is a graduate of Ohio University (where she met David Warnock, her husband of 60 years). She is a retired reference librarian, who instilled a deep love of reading, learning, and critical thinking into her children and grandchildren. She worked at the Fireside Bookstore in Chagrin Falls, where they lived before moving to Lancaster, Ohio in the mid-80s. Connie spent many hours in the attic of the bookstore with stacks of books as a kid. Karen was a librarian at the Mayfield library near Cleveland early in her career. She earned her Master of Library Science from Kent State. She worked at a reform school for troubled boys as “the library lady” and taught the boys about classical music and poetry. Once she moved to Lancaster, she worked as a reference librarian at the Fairfield County Library for 35 years. There she led the successful effort to unionize the staff. She was our Google before the internet! Her encyclopedic knowledge and ability to find information are second to none, and her unwavering loyalty, steadfastness, and wicked sense of humor are just some of the qualities we admire about her. We love you Karen! Happy Birthday!

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